A world away

 This poem “a world away” is about my memories. I am truly heartbroken. I had been deprived of many things in life especially love. It is the summary of what I have been observing in life and love. It is like many of my other romantic poems. I have tried to explain and express my deepest feelings about love, life, and romance. The more I go deeper the more I get emotional. And the more I then write about the fundamentals and basics of love, feelings, and emotions. My book The Perfect Betrayal in this regards explains it well.


A world away
Written by Rana M

Know it  the touch of love as soft as glowing silk 
I would love the charm with all the colors but grey 

The melody with rhythm divine so pure yet sweet 
You’re the essence of my poesy, a song I must play

Indulge in my soul, run in my blood with all you got
Clinching by your silky lips, kiss me dearly and stay

Let my lusts hang in your body stretched smooth 
Grip my emotions & melt me with passion by no delay

Your fire burning me up, truly above and beyond
Yet gazing me from the crowd, you’re a world away 

© Rana M  2019  All Rights Reserved 

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