Why Japan? – The best it is ! That is why

Sometimes people have strange questions but to answer them gently you must answer them in a productive and creative manner. These days writers are not appreciated the way they were used to be. Perhaps the ideology behind explaining beautiful destinations has gone more commercial and people just pick things which seem beneficial for them. Although the rapid growth in technology has eased things up for people to know about a place before they plan to visit yet the actual flair is to be there to enjoy and feel the atmosphere. I am sure no YouTube video or blog or a Vlog can take you there, you can visualize it by seeing videos of the place but always remember you cannot feel it if you cannot experience it yourself. You have to feel the vibe, run across the streets, wander into the gardens, jump into the lake or perhaps ride a roller caster to absorb the energy of that particular place and feel the air into your veins to explore and enjoy the beautiful place God has designed for us.


I had been asked many times this question that do you believe Japan is the most exotic place on earth or why is it the best to visit?, well to answer that there are a million reason why Japan is the most beautiful and the most interesting place on earth. Here I explain quickly a few aspects for all those who are curious to know why Japan is the best.
1- Cultural Vibe
2- Depth of creativity
3- Technology genius
4- Heaven of earth
5- Beautiful Scenery
6- Exceptional weather
7- Delicious Food ( out of the world)
8- Beauty in motion
9- Hospitable and generous people
10- Kind and loving nation
11- Depth of discipline
12- A place to explore
13- A place to learn
14- A place love
15- The most beautiful landscape
16- The most interesting architecture
17- Stunning art
18- Deep roots of ancient traditions
19- Remedies and tales of developments
20- The most beautiful women on earth ( Although it is almost impossible to get a girl of your dreams there yet they still are gorgeous)

I am sure most people have no interest in reading articles and curiosity to explore the adventure behind a post yet still for those who read and understand the beauty of it. Good things are for those who appreciate and for those who at least know the value of it. Some people travel so they can ride a train or go to a mountain or just they want to feel different from a place they normally live in. Well ! I go places to read culture, to know traditions, to explore lifestyles, to learn recipes of their delicious foods or just to learn how great people are at that particular part of the world.


And so far apart from many experiences and cultural experiences I would like love the days I have spent in Japan, each and every second was more precious than diamonds and ruby’s. A mesmerizing sweet atmosphere that takes your breath away, you actually feel lighter than air by extreme display of beauty and compassion by nature into this piece of land. The more you explore the more you enjoy and learn from a vast and never ending depth of culture roots and traditions. The aspect of being unique is something that only few on this earth possess and those who understand it know the value and significant importance on civilization and cultural norms. The modern developments and technological growth is actually the result of extreme discipline and following the cultural depth and traditions.
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