Why girls do not like poetry

 Love, romance or any act of love is hard to find these days. Why girls do not like poetry these days? Or should I say why they don’t anymore? It is a rhetorical question yet I would try to give a few reasons here. You can even read my books The Bracing beauty and The perfect betrayal written in this scenario. Betrayal in love is dirty work. Romance is not there anymore and it is indeed a fact. 


I personally do not know the fact as a poet that if someone ever praised my poetry. Not any girl in particular. It does not mean I never loved. I wrote about beauty. I wrote about emotions and situations. Probably anything in my heart I just wrote it down. 

Emotions and feelings, beauty and romance or life and death. Betrayals and love affairs or loneliness and deprived. Therefore I expressed in each and every way possible to convey my soul’s message to the world. But could not find a single soul who had time to listen or read me. 

Dirty Work

They are not attracted by love or romance anymore. Moreover, girls are not even interested in reading stories containing love content. Believe you me, it looks odd but this is true. Teenagers can be seen kissing even in public but nothing beyond that. The act of love in a so-called way is everywhere. People use to love to perform and carry on their dirty work. 

Real Romance disappeared

No wonder I have not seen a single girl moved by a verse of poetry. Neither did I notice any girl read a whole poem in a single sitting. Why? Ever wondered why?. Is there any girl on this planet who is actually romantic or at least understands what real love is?. Maybe I am banging my head through the wall. It is possible many won’t even like this post. 

Coming back to answer the real question in the first place. Girls do not require love anymore in their lives. Some are bound to love, for any damn reason. Some girls just live, they don’t care about their surroundings. Some are too busy to get any time to love. Some of them genuinely are too rigid that love cannot stay with them.

Love and Romance

Because in all cases, no one stop boys to express or offer their “ love” to them. So love is being served as a hot cake in the form of “ love making”. Few call it infatuation. Some call it “a physical act of love”. But whatever shit this is, there is no love that exists. So it does not prevail. 

So if they do not like to read poetry. It does not mean they don’t want to. It is because they do not deserve it at all.

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