Who’s in love?

Of course everybody is in love or not? a rhetorical question never have been answered accurately by anyone. A million definitions of the word has manipulated the capacity of brain to dodge inflation of periodical changes in life as far as we grow old and experience the changes we go through. Yet everyone’s in love as everyone claims so.

A friend of mine asked me to define a good wife or a good life partner. Can anyone answer such a question with utmost honesty without relating it to your own theory of love or hate based upon your journey?. Let’s try not to infringe emotional behaviors but honestly try to figure out who can be a better lover. The very basic towards this intuition is that those who believe and practice love in the everyday routine of life. It only works if we believe in its existence and importance. Why people get married?, why people select someone to be with for the rest of their lives?. A social norm? or taste of romance? or breeding?.

I could only imply what my heart could explain. A relationship where you don’t have to prove you are enough for your partner, an unconditional love or perhaps a recognition into the eyes of a beloved that you complete them by just being there. Love is indeed a powerful feeling and only a few on this planet have the perfect recipe. So whoever is in love, be curious, be creative and most of all stop asking how much someone loves you as if it exists you don’t really have to ask for it. It finds you.

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  1. Sadah Reply

    Well written.

    • Rana Reply

      Thank you Sadah, I am glad that you liked it

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