Who knows love ! is a lover ?

I was reading a post a few days back from someone who portrayed love as a plant ” Magnolia” and criticized people in a bid to define ” Love” and ” a lover”.

Well ! seriously ? A few words out of context and you think you define love?

Love is not something you know , it is not a syllabus book you read in college or physics or chemistry lesson. Love is not something you know it is something you have. Out of a million definitions you may give it a thought to use some and discuss love for a time you may take out from your life. Love is a feeling, an emotion, a state of mind, a gossip of your soul to another, a tear, maybe a gesture of your heart or the way you communicate with others. People do not know love, they do love, they possess, they perform and they communicate in the language of love.

Never criticize people who fall in love, never claim you know love better than anyone. Everyone has been given a life and everyone has a story. Everyone tastes love at least once in this life span and the experiences or lessons are different for everyone depending upon the circumstances, conditions and events. It is a pity though some people use this word to convince and fool others to accomplish their sexual needs and desires yet true love should never affected ever by these pin pricks, true always shines bright and even being invisible would seem vibrant and pure.

So my fellow lovers , imagine , dream, taste, experience or even utter love by many ways in a thousand languages but once you find true love try to hold on to it until your last breath. 

Love is why we are here, and love is the only reason we live to inspire.

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