Unspoken Madness

“Unspoken Madness” is a poem I have written about the feelings and emotions. The heart which is heartbroken has always a universe of unspoken madness eager to be unleashed. This poem particularly will explain agony and pain in love.

It is like many of my other romantic poems. I have tried to explain and express my deepest feelings about love, life, and romance. The more I go deeper the more I get emotional. And the more I then write about the fundamentals and basics of love, feelings, and emotions.

It is one of those poems where I have plunged deeper inside my heart. And visualized how beautiful my beloved is and what attributes I can explain and to what level.

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My poems are the essence of my poesy. like you can read Magic Fall which is my latest poem. And further you can read my books to know more about what I write. Namely the book The Perfect Betrayal can be a good read.

Unspoken Madness
Written by Rana M

My dying dreams with love in my palm
Wonder if flowers could reach the balm

Forgetting miseries in a few short years
Perhaps deleting melodies from my ears

You’ve strict, fixed and changeless heart
Like the applause of autumn trees impart

More impossible the greater the love
Yet as the time requires for my behove

Imagine what fragile rain might unleash
Unspoken madness by storms underneath

Copyright© Rana M 2019 All rights reserved

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