Traveler Meets Tourist

There are plenty of charms as to be described in the way of Travel ,above and beyond everything that comes in while traveling , during the journey or after a travel trip. These charms are associated patterns of happiness which can only be achieved by traveling. Meeting new people, exploring different cultures,learning traditions and tasting different and delicious food. Joys are spread in the air , they are just grabbed and enjoyed when you travel.



Talking about rational enthusiasm of the travel cravings I have noticed many to be really informative and concerned about every little detail while they travel. From getting around to the popular places, from buses to trams and from food to know hows of the culture you are about to explore, everything just gushes through so quickly that you really have to take notes to remember and plan ahead of the journey.Like many other things prominent on this planet traveling is a way of happiness and laughter , leading up to a colorful life. Informative and much revealing the treasures nature has kept for us on this planet. Its an art and the people who travel are the artists painting memories on the canvas of life.


Interactions and Making of new friends

There are numerous occasions where you meet incredible people and find out that it is possible to be so lucky enough to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures and be friends with them. Traveling is just another way to make friends , it all depends on you what you ought to acquire. I say don’t miss a chance and make as many friends as possible ,talk to people learn about them , tell them about you , help them with information and add them to your life by making them real time friends. Making new friends demands opportunities and many of us are so busy at work or in real life that we don’t even have time to look up and say hello to a possibility. Overwhelming increase in the developments in technology have restricted mankind from real social interactions. People are lost into their phones liking and sharing posts and people on social media but when you ask them to be your friend in real life they say ” I am just your facebook friend”. What is that supposed to mean?.

In reality traveling is the only way you meet real time people ” the originals” on your way to explore many of the things during your journey. You meet people you spend time with them and you make them your friends ,everything is pure and natural. It is true that people you meet are not from your home town , it is also true that possibilities are less that you see them again but chances are that if you make them friends to your best friends you can meet them any time you want , anywhere you want. And that is called real friendship ,strings attached.



I am a big fan of the famous Tv Sitcom FRIENDS and still repeatedly watch every single episode. I respect people who chose to be my friends and really honor them every way possible. Real friends are a treasure and in order to achieve real meaning of a pure and happy life one should realize the importance of real friends. Met some incredible people most recently and I would like to have the opportunity to talk about them as they are so dear ,charming and beautiful and they are friends now. It is the beauty of traveling and one of many rewards you get while traveling.

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