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Travel up, passion by travel or travel the world are the terms every traveler in the world has in mind. The more you travel the more you learn. The whole idea to explore this planet lies in free traveling. 

I’m a Poet & a Writer, A blogger & a Photographer. The world is so big to explore. Even the small cities have a lot of tales and numerous stories to be understood and retold. Exploring nature and creativity is a vast subject. I am just a Student deriving terms to travel, explore and express my gratitude to Nature. And for what a beautiful world has been given to us to live, explore and learn.

I like to write poems, travel blogs, blogs on food and leisure. Photography is my hobby. I believe the world is so much more beautiful than we already know. We must learn, travel and explore its unending beauty. There is always a room in us for passion and passion is the right tool to make everything wonderful. Even love and even life itself. The motivation for this channel is my poetry. Travel and having an urge to write blogs and books because that is my passion. Something I love the most in my life. And I would try to motivate people to travel, write, interact and by this. I would love to meet new people. Learn about different cultures and try to find happiness around the globe.

To all the lovers of the earth and who wish to explore treasures in the cities and learn about different cultures. To all those who believe in the magic of traveling, also to those who can sing and understand the melodies of a loving heart who loves to Travel and to all those who need a motivation to start a journey towards the most beautiful places on earth. The greatest depth of the ideology to travel is not necessarily to be written in the books, the vibe to travel and explore is a sentiment which is being practiced since centuries. The only difference is that we are more sophisticated and advanced in exploring, learning and enjoying with comfort which is much easier than ever before. Passion is the only thing that energizes your body and soul and those who have a passion for traveling are the most cutest people on earth.

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