Top 5 Travel Hacks

The Top 5 Handy Travel Hacks are derived from the latest travel terms and phenomenons. We follow guidelines and always look for handy travel hacks to have a better journey. Following are a few but Top 5 Handy Travel Hacks.

1- Keep Digital copies of your travel documents

Your passport, ticket, insurance, and all other related documents must have digital copies saved somewhere in case of any mishap. The best way is to scan or take screenshots and email them to you. This way, even if you lose your phone, you can still have access to your email and find those at any point you want.

2- Go “private browsing” before booking a flight online
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Most travel apps or official websites of airlines use cookies for their websites. This way, they track your data and know what trip you have searched for and when. So multiple searches can alert them as what flight you are eager to buy, so they increase prices accordingly. So switch your phone to ” private browsing” before booking any flight online.

3- You don’t have to look for screens for when your flight timings/boarding

Technology has answered many questions and has eased down our lives in many ways. Imagine you have to go run at every airport you travel to look for a screen to check when and on which gate, your flight’s boarding is going to start. Just download Flightboard app on your phone and start traveling like a VIP from now on.

4- Use offline google maps

No matter how much research you have done or how many vlogs you have just watched before you are flying to a city. Always remember that all the information that you feed in your brain only helps when you actually do it on your own on the go. You do not always have access to a wifi connection or cannot afford to buy a sim card in every city you travel to. So the best way to explore is to download offline google maps, update them and use them while you are going.

5- Keep an empty water bottle with you at all times

No liquids are allowed on almost all airports in the world. The best way to save time and money is to keep an empty water bottle with you. This way, when you have walked past security checks, you can refill your water at any airport or inside a plane. You don’t have to pay for water any more while traveling.

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