To be Gifted – Every Child’s Right

Children especially a daughter is a wonderful gift by God, it’s a unique and the most powerful feeling on earth which is more valuable than any existing or unexplored treasure on this planet. The bond of love between a father and his children is as cherish able, charming and delightful like many others who tend to love their daughters, respect them, love them and believe in the spirit that daughters are the beautiful response of nature towards us. It is undoubtedly wonderful.


A man’s life is full of surprises, do and don’t do lists. Hard chapters on the book of life and sometimes unexpected and unplanned routines. Likes and dislikes, goals and achievements but most of all love and lovable people he encounters in the path of his life.

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Figuratively speaking all the defined course of life designed by nature is very much in the cards and experiences follow the same pattern. One way or the other you got to taste the recipe of nature which comes in very sweet. Delicious sometimes or sour and non-tastier the other time. The deal is to deal with it no matter what.


I am not a movie critic you know but recently I happened to watch a movie named ” Gifted” by the Director “Marc Webb”. Whereas the screenplay has been written by “Tom Flynn”. Beautiful script with amazing performances. The best thing I like about the movie is the message it carries. Though for me it’s so great if a child is “Gifted” by nature and is extraordinarily intelligent. The most important thing in the life of any child is “The Gift of Parents”. It is every child’s right to be gifted this way apart from abilities ,skill and treasures provided by nature. Parents are the best thing that can ever happen to a child. From mother’s laps to father’s advice the process begins beautifully but it has to be that way for the rest of children’s lives. Better growth ,education and manners are being taught if Parents have a better life and if both of them can offer their children an environment where their kids can grow and can have a better future.


May God Bless all the kids of the world. May God bless them with knowledge ,courage and wisdom so that they would be able to have happy and prosperous lives.



From the madness of the Universe
And the priceless treasures of the earth

From all the wonders above & beyond
My daughters are my pearls, My Stars

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