The Perfect Betrayal

A book by Rana M 

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The most memorable years of a teenager’s life regardless of being a boy or a girl have a significant importance. Speaking of which the impact of those years on the upcoming life is so powerful that it really makes or breaks the future vows, goals or even success dilemma. Most people spend these years by gaining notable achievements, some by the way must spend their time anyway and few who fall in love to be foolish or some foolish to think everything is real and permanent. In this book, I have tried to explain different stages of the life of a teenager when he/she believes to be in love, the feelings and emotions and the thoughts carried away by dreams to chase something special. I have tried to express my feelings in a poetic way. Hope readers will find it interesting.

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  1. Ragazza Triste Reply

    This is interesting. This is beautifully written. You have a nice way of using words, you are able to express and share your thoughts through your remarkable talent. Keep it up! I hope you could follow my blog, hopefully you’ll get inspired too. 🙂

    • Rana Reply

      Thank you. You can order this book from Amazon and actually read and review.

      • Ragazza Triste Reply

        I will try to check that book. I am really intrigued.

        • Rana Reply

          Thank you and please post a review

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