The Nefarious

By an old window from the past
I believe she still stares frequently

Remnants of my remaining memory
Still in pursuit,crashing evidently

Cracking curtains shackle no more
Door knobs broken bad,permanently

There’s no spring no winter no more
My soul burst out loud,cried openly 

“Liar” says the wind in her defense
To a world full of lies, rotten abruptly

My dreadful screams remain unheard
People I knew turned deaf suddenly

I pretended not knowing her brutality
While my soul gnawed upon fearlessly 

Her innocent face still shines bright
Though mine was punched regularly

The scars printed underneath my skin
Elucidate my ridiculed life silently

The shield of her spurious modesty
Covers her contrived mould superbly

The more I remember,the more I feel
She still chews my heart frantically 

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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