The Lost Breeze

Still wonder why breeze would never stay
Chirping birds gossip about it all day

Being unique might matter to few I guess
Finding words to explain in a better way

Tales are,it only comes in the morning glory
Comes with passion from the east they say

When it reaches it brings along miracles 
Fresh and pure,magnificent nature’s way

But does not stay longer as I imagined 
Like forever ,as always as the morning pray

As if she’s annoyed with me ,yet again 
But I just love her you know by my way

Strange as it may seems but sometimes 
She whispers in my ears, almost everyday

Melodies from another world so charming
Songs from heaven,spinning on waterway

Chorus of those mixing with happy birds
Enlightening my soul taking my breath away

She might come again with all the wonders
Collaborating and shining on the highway

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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