The Last sips of your Lips

From the timid chapters of an abrupt past not so long
Haunting memory from an anxious relationship grips

Pretentious yet romantic in a wave of ridiculous sorrows
Enchantedly vivid but your cautiously untamed hips

Kisses and hugs merely in fractions and fragments
Thoughts snubbed out from my soul in verve of eclipse

How firm could I grasp your body to hug you hard enough
Your unworthy response towards love never ever snibs

Your eyes modulating desires leading to an unfair play
The touch that has no heat of ultimate passion drips

Fire that could never torch my spirits for delight & taste
Your motionless body always revealed encrypted scripts

Echoes of your silence from the dead of nights we shared
Remnants of a murdered dream from the last sips of your lips

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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