The Incredible Srilanka

From numerous stories full of natural beauty on this planet from various beautiful places,Srilanka is one of the most pleasing story of its kind.An ancient place with a lot of heritage and natural capacity to attract people from all around the world to visit.

My Trips

My trips to Srilanka had been phenomenal.I have traveled more than seven times to Srilanka on various occasions. I had been to Colombo ,Galle ,Candy and Negombo. And you don’t need a reason to visit Srilanka that often because its filled with natural beauty of forests,beaches ,green meadows,ancient ruins & elephants ,you name it.

First Time in Srilanka

Srilanka is also one of those countries in Asia where people love to watch cricket as much as they love to play. It has also produced world class players over the years in this regard. I still remember when I traveled the first time to Srilanka I had a flight from Singapore. I have had a couple of drinks in mid air and was in bit fare mood. The landing was typical ,it was raining. I could imagine my eyelids had twitched on the window’s glass seeing the plane landing in heavy rain. Apart from rain and green plants I could clearly see a huge crowd of people as the small airport was surrounded by them all over. Pretty strange to me but could only be able to find out why ,when you are out of the airport. The airport is pretty far from Colombo and very near to Negombo. Two different totally different cities. The airport was small, well really small and so as the duty free. I realized that there were their Cricketers from their National team and I could see them clearly shopping in the duty free right next to the Immigration counters. Now I understood why their were people outside the airport obviously to see them.

The Cricket Team

Well you call it sheer stroke of luck or whatever but I was about to to see them in person for the first time in my life. There was a long Que of people on the passport control and luckily I didn’t have to wait that much to reach to a counter. I got the entry and there you go the whole of the Srilanka cricket team was in front of me. I requested the team manager that I am a fan and want to talk to them. He not only allowed me but also introduced me to them. I met Attapatu who was captain at that time, Chaminda vaas,Jaiwardene and Jaysuria.Believe it or not I actually went through the green channel at my way out from the airport along with their Cricket team.The green channel was especially for players only but I was having a chit chat with them and didn’t notice that they actually allowed me to go with them.
When we were out I saw their buses but very strange thing I witnessed was Murlitharan ( a world famous bowler) was standing on Bulldozer and waving the crowed. It was too noisy outside as people were screaming with joy watching their players passing by them. I really enjoyed it.

Cities and Beaches

The sites in Srilanka are remarkable yet I resided mostly in Negombo and few times in Colombo. Negombo is a city famous of its beaches. Beautiful beaches at the cost decorated by hotels ,shops ,clubs and pubs. Colombo on the other hand is capital city but as I saw at that time it was not as developed as other major cities in the world,crowded streets and much more. I loved Candy and Galle too but I liked Negombo more and stayed there more often on my trips.

People from around the world

Its a face that people from around the world travel to Srilanka ,I was astonished when I saw the beaches there as huge number of beautiful girls I could see ,it was so amazing. People of Europe , Australia and Newzealand travel there a lot. There is plenty of entertainment. I mean imagine half naked girls having sun bath a tremendously beautiful beaches it sounds fun. I was not expecting this to see in Srilanka but was really amazed. One more hilarious fact I found there was that I asked a fisher man who barely could speak English, drunk but stable. I asked him in a funny way ” Do you have a girlfriend” it was like I am mocking him or something and look what he answered me in surprise ,he replied ” Yes ! One is from France and one is from Newzealand”. I could not believe my ears and laughed at him saying ” look at you man… really? are you serious?? “. He laughed but said wait for a few minutes and watch so out curiosity I stayed and I saw a beautiful girl not much different from a celebrity in her 20s came and french kissed this half naked ,stinking fisher man. I was shocked and fell on the ground unconscious. I said to myself ” Whats wrong with this world?” . Then later I realized that its not much strange in there. And I really hated myself why I was single and could not really have a couple of girl friends like everyone else but then the answer from my heart was ” I am not a bad guy”.
There are a lot of pubs down there and you actually can enjoy a lot , in some at night you have traditional dance performances and much more. There is a lot to discover and a lot to be expressed what you observe and watch there.


There are a lot of fast food chains operating in Srilanka. The traditional food is so spicy that only a few people can really taste it. Its really too much spicy. I tried one that they cook on a large pan , they fry bread with chilies and gravy. I could barely have few bites as it was extremely spicy. One more thing in their food is that they cook mostly in coconut oil. The taste is different . And I noticed even the expansive restaurants used to cook in the same. After a few days it was really difficult to eat everything cooked in coconut oil. I used to travel from one part of the city to the other in search of restaurants to try something different and find out food cooked in oil other than coconut oil. Pretty hard to find such. Traditional fruits and vegetables are easy to find. Dry fruit also pretty famous and delicious.

Besides all of this its an incredible place to visit as its full of beautiful scenery and stunning beaches. I really enjoyed my times there.

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