The Bracing Beauty

Besides the desires of a raging heart, a beauty so flawless that takes your breath away. 

The lush spirits from the dreams of the orchids 
Engaging dancing roses with the fragrant daises 
Listen carefully what the breeze is about to say 
A song of beauty perhaps, wrapped in frenzies 
Her eyes are the charming notions of her beauty 
Her hair wave along with the air calmly anticipated 
The flawless cheeks portray a melody so intrigued
The aroma of her skin is just ravishingly captivated 
A benevolent verse from the great book of passion
A fantasy filled with love deep in my raging heart 
Evolving dreams in treasures, her body made of silk 
She’s the shape of beauty, an aspiring work of art 
Driven in drizzling rainbows her ostentatious lips
Steadily gripping the most amorous spirits of my soul
Emerging delights to be sweet, her passionate touch
Enticing my ardent heart, not partly but all and whole
© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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  1. Ragazza Triste Reply

    I have to say, what you’ve written here is very inspiring and brave. You have a remarkable talent and I am in awe. Amazing! I hope you could follow my blog and maybe you could be inspired as well.

    • Rana Reply

      Thank you very much. I always follow people who embrace words and talents. It will be interesting to read your work too.

      • Ragazza Triste Reply

        You’re welcome. I am truly grateful for your reply. How long have you been blogging?

  2. Rana Reply

    It had almost been a year now. But I am writing poems since I was 16. What about you?

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