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The Boss is the class

The boss is the class. There are numerous definitions derived by various people concerning different backgrounds in the working industry. The fields and the kind of work you do compel you to describe. The technical derivatives of the very phenomenon that describes your job.

Due to rapid growth in technology running businesses have become easier. More convenient and more effective. Though the diversity of any business  ( large or small) depends upon the vision and the approach behind the scenes. A visionary or a creative outlook that designs a complete environment for a business to grow.  

Boss (a person who is in charge of a worker or organization). For many, the definition remains the same for the rest of their lives. The motive to earn money has gone stronger enough. That the purpose of life for most of the people in the working class has gone rigid. For those, a Boss is a person who signs their paycheck. Or a person who has the capacity to hire or fire them. The credibility of the very word has lost in translations. And these translations vary from people to people. Yet not all the working professionals think the same way. A few people like me to have thought you know that talents, skills, resources lead to set up your goals. And provide you an opportunity to grow, learn, innovate and improvise. Figuratively speaking a Boss is a person who can literally make or break your career.

A Boss is an institute provided to you to learn and educate yourself. All the knowledge you can grab about products, market trends, current or past economic situations, future goals, growth, and success. Learning is a long process. Innovations follow the roots of knowledge you possess while you are on board performing with your blood and sweat. And if there is “ A Boss with the Class” to motivate you, surely you would reach wherever you want to be in your life provided that you make sure you never stop learning. Call a Boss a teacher, a mentor, a coach or a curator. But a Boss remains a metaphor and reason behind the success of millionaires and future billionaires.

When I started my career I had no idea what am I gonna experience in the professional world. And what I was about to learn. I can’t forget the day I was interviewed by my Boss ( The greatest boss I ever had ) The greatest from all). His name was Mr. Badrus Salam, a well renowned, dedicated and a valorous individual. He had this ability to flip everything at any time. Turning things around with his skills and strategies. One thing I liked the most of him was his depth of knowledge and ability to win projects. I have not seen a good example of a practical demonstration. Of the skillful display of sales and marketing pitch than him. He’s a charisma or an idea to be followed. Whatever I learned so far in the professional world is because of him. From sales and marketing to management, from product knowledge to winning projects. And from professional skills to life lessons he was a teacher, a mentor, a coach, and a trustworthy true friend. My respect for him can never fade away. As he’s a set example for people who want to learn and grow. He’s not just a person he’s an institute from where you can learn. As much as you want and as long as you want.

I cannot forget the days I spent with him leaning world-renowned products like Steelcase products from Steelcase Inc. Not only that he nourished my soul and unleashed my passion to learn and grow. I still remember everyone in the office used to shiver with fear. When he just entered the office space yet he was kind and strict at the same time. He taught us ” there is no compromise on quality and there is no limit to learn”. People made excellent and successful careers under his training. Besides the lengthy office meetings and training. I still remember he had a “table tennis” table at the top right corner of his office. Of course way far from his actual desk but we used to play after hours for hours. And used to convert our work stress into heavy shots and cheerful laughs. I wish every professional student to get a boss like him. May God give him another 100 years to live. So many people like me would be able to learn from him and could turn their skills into successful careers.

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