Tbilisi- The Splendid

What a splendid city to explore. The art ,culture ,architecture ,landscape and most of all beautiful people. This beautiful city is gifted with phenomenal people and state of the art architecture,Churches and mountainous regions. In other words “Heaven on Earth”. A great place to explore.img_5609

The People

I met people from all backgrounds here. Beautiful people with calm on their faces , some rigid and some very pleasant but a few of them hospitable and good at heart.
I will mention some really incredible people whom I met in Tbilisi. As soon as I reached out of the airport there were Taxi drivers who almost try to get you sit in their ride by force. But I saw a mini bus standing there and without any hesitation I reached and asked bluntly ” Is there anyone who speaks English here please ?”. And here came a beautiful voice from a pretty girl ” Yes I do “. And then not only she guided me how to use public transportation system in Tbilisi but also paid my trip which was “50 Cents” from Airport to Liberty Square. I tried to buy the ticket but didn’t have coins and the bus accepts coins only then she paid for my trip.  I can never repay her nor I’ll ever be able to thank for the greatest of hospitality shown in there.


The second most stunning and phenomenal personality I met in Tbilisi was ” The Counselor of Estonian Embassy in Tbilisi”. What a person with such an illustrious and humble nature. It was really very nice to having met him. It’s like I met Estonia in Tbilisi. There are people on earth who are really gifted and their presence let you learn from them and you feel really happy to meet them. He’s one of those. Visiting Estonia will be wonderful but by just meeting him I felt like I already been there. What an awesome personality.


 Smiles, Giggles and laughs

I met beautiful people from Georgia,Russia,Finland,Slovenia,Romania and Japan.



The Wine

Georgia has fabulous wines ,the details of which you’ll find on the web , I don’t go into details but yes I tasted a lot and actually went to the Wine Cellars to see how they are made. Various & numerous and variety of those is inexplicable.

The Food 

Well I enjoyed fabulous food, Georgian food prepared by a very respectable and hospitable family I stayed with. I didn’t feel for a second that I was away from home. Ms Nana has a great personality and has a humble daughter Tamara and son Alex.


A great place to see people from different cultures

People from almost all parts of the world I met here, a lot of difference cultures and people from difference regions they come and visit this beautiful place. I just had a wonderful chat with Ms.Mojca & Mr.Bole from Slovenia and they told me they are cavers and they explore cities and the amazing caves. I was just informed that the deepest cave on earth is in Georgia which is the Voronya Cave which is almost 2200 Meters deep. Amazing to meet people and make them friends. I love it.1040307_10200894504597647_1232263260_o

In the picture above are Mr.Bole and Ms.Mojca from Slovenia (Happily Married for 21 years)


In the picture above is a beautiful lady offering local sweets


In the picture above is the longest metro escalator I have ever seen ,so deep but it takes 110 seconds to reach down to the station


img_5412             In the picture above a beautiful view of the cityimg_5273img_5314                In the picture above I read it written on ,in the old town Tbilisi.

The Love

I love this city for many reason and one of those is that I met some amazing people from around the world.


              Yes Tbilisi is an amazing city



The Beloved



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  1. simonjkyte Reply

    I am looking forward to it

  2. Rana Reply

    Simonjkyte Its a beautiful city indeed and you’ll enjoy every part of it from every angle.Creative people like you will find many things interesting in a city like Tblisi which normal people can’t find. Pleasure reading your posts.

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