How to start writing poetry? or how to write a short poem? Just start writing whenever you can. It is a unique question to which people have answered differently. Provided with the edge of thoughts many believe that the whole idea of this life revolve around the algorithm of poetry. From beauty of life to its unending complications. Furthermore poetry is the only medium to express emotions and for the stories to be retold. Expressing emotions or criticizing the odds. Explaining technology or exploring all in this universe or the others. Poetry is the best way to know, learn, share or to love.

 How to Begin – How to start writing poetry

First of all as per many the whole idea is to begin with something in your mind. For me start with something which is in your heart and try to convey it to the world in your own words. Take out some quality time for you out of this busy life and try to write something unique and wonderful. My advice is buy a nice writing pad with an ink pen only to start with.For example you can read one of my poems I break the rules for you. Go to a quite place where there is no one to disturb you. Close your eyes and think what is going to be your first word and proceed.

Choosing a topic

Everyone has a story, a secret or a fantasy. Almost everyone of us wants to share, discuss or publish this story. Some people are shy but still they do not want to be quite and left alone. So choosing a topic is much easier than we think it can be. How to start writing poetry is just bringing out that beautiful story you want to share with the world. Most importantly express that emotion or share your experience. Let people know how talented you are. Show the world your capabilities and abilities. Do not hide your talents. Explore and learn by improvising and innovation. This is your first step of how to start writing poetry. How to start writing poetry? or how to write a short poem? Just start writing whenever you can

Write what you can – Start Writing

Do not force yourself to write what is beyond your reach. Focus on what you can express. Do not be hard at yourself and do not even worry what people are going to think about it. Besides all remember it is all about your own satisfaction rather than people’s opinion. Because any script, story or a novel has a theme. So pick your theme in your poetry and indulge in it completely. Try to use simple rather appealing words. Likewise carry their weight and balance in each line. Keeping it simple beautify it with your thoughts. 

Go with the flow 

Ease down on your thoughts. Think closely and then write precisely about the topic. Go with the flow of your emotions. Let your heart decide which way you are going to drag the story. Play with the words according to your own will. Rhythm is the key therefore feel free to imagine and rethink. Do not obligate yourself by writing in one direction. Stay smooth in your approach certainly and keep easy on the theme. Consequently you would have a greater poem in the end. How to start writing poetry? or how to write a short poem? Just start writing whenever you can

Think how to start writing poetry of your own 

While you study a lot of books and read poetry of  your choice. Probably this is the first time you have decided to write something on your own. Hence the most noteworthy concern here would be the style of your theme and above all the selection of your words. Soon enough the question ” how to start writing poetry” will be answered perfectly well. And your audience would love to read your artistic work. For instance you can read one of my books to get ideas how I write poems. The name of the book is The bracing beauty and it is available for purchase on Amazon.

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