Tag: The Touch of Love


Tired Rain

Tired and weary, blunt but adulating
Full of surprises let the rain fall funny
The angry clouds are falling shocking
Blind to love in the rainbows, yet aching

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Like a Rainbow in a Cloud

And flow fast with the passion enjoy the sweet pain
Let me hear you scream calling my name out loud
Make me free from this world, just don’t let me think
Let my soul tumble and float like a rainbow in a cloud

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The Future Love

The Future Love

Stretch this pain beneath my skin a little longer The pores are still open pertaining a wild west Laments across my soul fighting demons alone If it pleases you break my heart, do your best The future perhaps […]

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Touch of Love

The Touch of Love

I waited years, to hear one word of love Out of million smiles or tears that fallen No one ever said, so it never was heard Felt cries beneath my feelings, forgotten The touch of love could save […]

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