Sweet Dove

“What is a sweet dove? Is it really a bird that I spoke about in the particular poems? Well today I decided to write Sweet dove which is in fact a poem about a girl I was inspired […]

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Lost on you

Lost on you

How many of us say to our beloved I am “Lost on you” ? Well maybe many of us try to seduce our beloved by using this phrase but how many of us really mean it? If I […]

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Heart breaker

Heart Breaker

It is a heart breaker if there is life but I have to breath without you
As if in a death of love, from all this world only souls will decrease 

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My dreams on a chariot fading away in an alley so dark
Yet my emotions are still young, as energetic as a rock star

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Tired Rain

Tired and weary, blunt but adulating
Full of surprises let the rain fall funny
The angry clouds are falling shocking
Blind to love in the rainbows, yet aching

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