Smoking Mirrors

Bragged about all those years, whispered in my ears
Dragged back where they belong, my poor dreams
Struck lost in the middle of nowhere, standing still
Far beyond the valley, my screams were once heard

Hopes before they dry out land of wild sorrows 
Leaning back hard running over dreadful laments 
Cried over flashing moments of our muddled lives 
Scattered joys in melodies of humming birds 

Once it for all the believing prayers in disguise
Meet me at the front porch with your visions
To live in those memories my daughters brought
Hearing those voices, I’ve not slept in years 

Fiery storms thrilled with malevolent shadows 
Watched over closely by cruel men and women 
Smoking barrels that burned down our world 
Barking hard loud beasts, trying-out our fears 

It ends where it begins, this world or the other 
Stretching back to old ways, our story or theirs
The angels witness our path, belongings & tales 
Our optimistic eyes pouring & raining heavy tears 

When I see myself through your eyes, dear daughters
Dreams painted at broken glass in smoking mirrors

© Rana M  All Rights Reserved

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