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In the end, it does not even matter

It was a long night before he was starting the engine of his car. A busy day ahead and the first thing to go through was usual morning traffic. No matter where you live, the crest of this elegance is what you observe every day. His eyes were gloomy; sleepless nights have evolved him over the years. But how long he would stretch this, he didn’t have an idea. Her voice was echoing in his head, and he could not forget certain things she mentioned. Now he was talking to himself as he always does—challenging and defending himself of many queries he argued with her last night. Short stories about love are always mesmerising. A cute short love story is as true as the sun itself no matter how small it can be.

It was evident as they spoke to each other after a long time. What he could possess was feelings of his souls speaking to his heart. Remnants of the past still haunting them for reasons unknown. He could not get her out of his fantasies ever, and now as she reached him back again meant a lot. But being an LEO, he was always possessive and submissive in his approach. She is a Sagittarius, and so she liked to be chased, keeping her collected. Now she understood he is a raging bull, and when it comes to love, he is as crazy as a kid is mad for chocolate. It is subtle that if the beast is sleeping, let it rest, and if you wake him up, be ready to see what it is proficient of. He subsisted as a monster for her, and all her brain could think about him was invalidating. It is not because he was an actual werewolf but because he was so overprotective in love and craved her madly. 
I am not making this up, but it is hard for many to believe that people can daydream while they are awake, and it is, in fact, a reality. He stopped at Mcdonalds for breakfast but remembered she had strictly asked him to follow the diet as he had gained a lot of weight. Driving the car away from that station, he went straight to the office. It was a typical day with the same routine, but he was quite muffled today, still conversing to himself and directing himself questions about her. His heart and he were petitioning her in detail this morning. 

So he asked his heart, 

Him: what if she meets us now after all those years? How would you like her?

The heart:  liking days are over pal, don’t you know we yearn her now, and this is forever. 

Him: Yeah, I know, but that’s not the point; I was saying, let us plan how the meeting would be and where?

The Heart: Don’t you remember what she said she liked? 

Him: But she mentioned not to listen to you; you are so stubborn, she says. 

The heart: Ah, what she knows about me? She does not like me; that’s it. 

Him: That means she does not like both of us if it is true. But she blames you for everything. 

While this discussion was getting to its peak, he drove out of the office and went away around, which he didn’t recognize. It was a beautiful evening, and he had no idea if he was driving back home or elsewhere. The car was moving on the road, and all of them were going through the traffic jams, himself, his heart, and the vehicle. 

The heart: Why? I love her the most and loved her all those years. 

Him: Don’t know, man. I had a hard time convincing her we both are improved, but she is reluctant to accept and says that you love too much. 

The heart: Who complains about loving so much?

Him: Apparently, she does

The heart: Tonight we should discuss this with her and don’t you forget to ask her to kiss you. 

Him: She argued with me on this last night, and I could hardly move her to kiss me.

The heart: Trust me and follow my lead. You would be fine. 

Him: Follow your lead? You almost got us destroyed, man; you are insanely possessive at love. 

The heart: We both are; you know we can’t cheat a person and how loyalty runs in our veins. We were born passionate. It’s in the blood. 

Him: So tell me, how would we design to meet her?

The heart: You should insist on her as soon as possible. 

Him: I did, and you always push me and make the scene emotional. 

The car is still moving on the road, and they are far away from home, don’t know how many signals they have crossed and how many highways they have changed. Swapping lanes from left to right, they discuss her, which is getting intense every minute. 

The heart: Why don’t we go back to her town and surprise her?

Him: Are you out of your mind? it would be so risky, and we’ll put her in trouble. 

The Heart: Hear me out, we will just buy a home in her town, won’t tell anyone, just send someone over to bring her home and surprise her. 

Him: And whom should we send to her home?

The Heart: We can think of getting her a business proposal by someone famous in her town belonging to her work industry and so she could listen intently and move along. 

Him: By deceiving her? How would she take such a surprise?

The heart: It is not deceiving; when she would realize that we have done this for her, she would be happy. 

Him: Not her town, though. I don’t feel this vibe. 

The heart: Well, then we can charter a plane and surprise her on a journey together. 

Him: and how do you plan that happening?

The heart: We will offer her an outline and tell her she has to be in several countries for two weeks, at least, as part of the job. 

Him: but why various countries? And how do you think she would buy this?

The heart: We didn’t tell her which country yet so it would be a great surprise. Besides, if she knows we are not involved in this, she would buy it. 

Him: She says she trusts us, so I guess she won’t be upset if we are involved. 

The heart: What’s the element of surprise then?

Him: yeah, you are right. 

The heart: I am always right. 

Don’t know how many toll gates he passed on the way to this journey, and they still could not decide how the rendezvous would be. The city lights were on; he turned down the car’s windows to smell the fresh air. He literally didn’t have any idea where he was driving. It exactly seemed like he was drunk, and the signboards on the roads were blurred in his vision. The eyes were glassy as hell, but this dream’s mesmerism was outstanding, so he didn’t desire this to divulge. 

Him: Don’t you think you are always alright. Now tell me what plan B is if certainty is that we can’t meet her in her town. What is gonna be then?

The heart: Hear me out then, lad! Don’t imagine just be in the scene to feel its trance completely. You have chartered a plane and docked it at the airport in her town. There is her name written in bold letters all over this plane. Inside, you have arranged to decorate all the measures to welcome her on board with all you got. She is getting in her home. You had already sent a tailored suit embroidered all over the spots you asked the designer to create. Not only that, she’s wearing the perfume you like her to wear. Curly hair is done with the fragrance you adore, and even the eyeliner and lip gloss to be what you need her to put on. The lingerie indeed of your choice undoubtedly, in other words, she looks perfect as you desire her to be. 

She has no idea what she is going to observe soon enough. It is going to be the surprise of her life. Slowly she is walking on the track to the select gate assigned for the aircraft I had arranged. Still, she does not understand it but soon realizes that it’s almost her walking in that direction. Usually, you see long queues for boarding passes to be collected and people dozing on the seats waiting for final boarding calls announcements. But she was being escorted to the hanger where I was anxiously waiting for her arrival. Quite nervous but excited, I was pondering in delight. 

Reflections of the heart

Shocked in by seeing the only passenger board that plane, she wanted to confirm it again from the protocol officer ” are you sure this is the plane?” Yes, madam, I am sure he replied. And after walking down the passage like a tunnel that connected the aircraft with the airport. She was right at the door, and the air hostesses were ready to welcome her on board. As soon as she entered the plane, she realized it is still a daydream or something and can’t be real. But it was pretty much accurate, actually more than she could think. 

The hostesses made her sit on a seat right in the center of the plane. Her heart was beating fast as she was really unable to surmise all of this. Biting her nails in this turbulence, she took out her phone but soon put it back in her bag. She was unable to figure out the reason for all this glory on a doubtful day. She sat on the seat yet still been shivering but gathered herself up. I moved slowly from the pilot’s cabin and began approaching her. Biting her fingernails, she was looking sumptuous. I was carrying a champagne bottle in my hand and honestly was trembling myself to surprise her touch her after twenty years. The details of her beauty were exquisite, and her scent has mesmerized the environment already. The situation was jittery for both of us, but what a delightful view and lovely moment nature has bestowed on us after all those years.

Short true love stories

I slowly came near to her shoulder and whispered in her ears, someone asked for a bottle of champagne? She looked at me with exciting exuberance, her eyes were shining, and the facial expressions were exceptionally sparkling. She rose up from her seat and jumped at me like a lioness jumps at its companion with joy. Holding me so tightly, she started hugging me, so I started kissing her madly. She ignited my intense sensations all at once, and this moment was astonishingly extraordinary. The fire of her body was burning my lips; the more I sink inside her, the more astounding she would taste. The ravishing edges on her shoulders were rubbed by me in this quest. Cruising down her waist, I relinquished the delightful spree of a beautiful point. 

For the moment, they didn’t know where they were, falling into the depths of a passionate rendezvous. I grabbed her buttocks; the friction of my hand down under the lingerie fired up her rump. Her lips were diluted in my mouth like rose petals melt in the proximity of passion. All the urges and desires were gathered like a storm, and the lava of emotions was burning them away. Folding her arms in the cling, the nipping sprang at both ends. Pinching her ribs so hard before the hands could smack her pelvis. I was reluctant to let go of this delicate moment ever. She had submitted herself utterly and benevolently, her body flowing more pliant by the touch. The love fallen in each other’s depth continued until the souls merged in one another. Don’t know for how long, few hours, a day, or a week none of us remember. 

When we recaptured senses to learn and gather ourselves together. We realized that we obtained each other in the most desirable energy nature has blessed us with. I asked her where she would like to go today? she answered in a romantic voice, ” It is your day, and I am yours take me where you want.” 


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    It is soo romantic

    • Rana
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      It is dedicated to first love, it had to be romantic. Thank you for reading.

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