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Yes I love you (II)

Romantic short stories are charms you like to tell readers. A short love story in English, this is one of the short love stories to read online for free. It had been a while since the guests engaged me so much that I neglected to text her. There had never been a day we have relished without conversing with each other. Furthermore, if this intimacy did not occur, it appeared that the sun might not expose itself to the world the next day. Perhaps all the stars would plummet from the atmosphere, and this world would look like a defeated dream. I understood she might get annoyed, but on the other hand, I understood exactly how to persuade her.

She was right there in my perceptions while I was discussing her with my heart. And the phone lying on the desk in front of me began whirring. I almost had a heart attack with a swift blow to my existence when I observed her name on the screen. It made me stagnant for a while, and I could not push myself to return it. But shortly, I gathered myself, corrected my tone to be available to reply.

“You assume you did ignore nothing yet made me curious”, she said, keeping the flame in her speech at a low pace. I was leering down at the documents spread over the table, pondering what to speak. She carried on “I was not quite sure and was panicked by the situation, You were quiet for a while and for the first time, so I decided to come and see you as soon as possible. Please don’t get indignant, but I am on a plane right now, I’m coming over to see you. I am sorry I was worried about you“.
It was so astonishing that I assumed I went in a trance for some time there. She was screaming” are you there? “ And I grew speechless despite extraordinarily excited that she is getting here to see me. Then I replied with delight” I’m right here sweetheart I simply can’t imagine what I heard. Are you really? “ She did not even let me end my sentence and stated” yeah! Aren’t you happy? “ I responded immediately” I’m over the moon babe”.

Imaculate conceptions

I could hear noises behind her within the airplane where we have been speaking and this time. The captain of the aircraft announced they were going to fly soon, cautioning everybody to place seat belts on. She was speaking so blatant this time considering I won’t have the ability to hear her due to the encircling noises. And she or he affirmed, “alright love, be equipped I’m joining you in few hours” after which she was compelled to hold up the telephone.
I left the workplace as quickly as I could possibly be listening to work calls whereas driving home, telling everybody it was an emergency and I needed to go away early. My condo was huge, but I was home alone in distress nevertheless not everybody had to know that particularly my girlfriend. Women are all the time too strict about observing on every part round or with you once they see you. She was not so perceptive about this still you by no means know what a woman is hiding in her coronary heart and it solely comes out whenever you have an argument.
It was like a convention to go grocery procuring earlier than we meet. I do not know if anybody on the planet does that, though, we have been so loopy romantic and did not wish to lose a minute after we have been together. She all the time flew to my town to see me and I had hardly made a couple of runs to see her in her city. Although it was so thrilling and romantic, and it could possibly be the happiest moments of my life, feeling liked and kissed and cuddled around. It was more like getting so extravagant that you do not even care about where on earth you are right now. You wish to neglect every bit, yet do not desire to see anything but her eyes.

Passionate glory

The keys have been rambling the locks of the door of my apartment promptly. I rushed in and zoomed in a frightened voice “oh my God I’ve to clean it as swiftly as I can”. It got me an hour to locate everything in the place they were purported to be. I hit the showers immediately after, picked her privileged clothes for me, and rolled out. On the way to the airport, I picked some flowers and put them on the front seat. It was somewhat cold outside and the weather was narrating to me there could be rain later. There had been some clouds unfurled throughout the skies above me and I needed rain to drop so long as she was with me.
Being so excited I nearly forgot to take the car to a gas station. The poor thing was beeping every now and then warning me of low gas. Still, I did not wish to be late, so I made a decision to disregard it entirely. Suddenly after parking the car, I was strolling in the direction of the “ARRIVALS” gate. The reception desk instructed me the flight was approaching one and a half-hour later. It emerged that time has seized and the clocks are caught on this loop ceaselessly. Each minute looked like a year.
After waiting for some time I caught the announcement that the flight was finally landed. I hastily yielded myself to the arrivals gate. It’s arduous to wait when your pleasure is off the charts. Lastly, I could see her moving slowly in my direction. Her eyes were wandering, browsing for me, although shyly.


As I decided to sneak as much as I could, so she couldn’t discover me, but then she called me ” where are you? I can’t see you anywhere”. I asked her “have you searched for me in all places?” She nodded “I can not find you though”. I responded nonchalantly “turn around”, and as I had managed to stretch close to her without her noticing she considerably had no plausibility of finding out where I was. She rolled and as soon as I could reach into her gaze, I clutched her waist with my hand wrapping her buttocks and lifted her like she was a mushy toy. Her legs were in the air whereas her belly button was smacking my chest. She was shouting “pull me down”, everyone is watching” and I said “really”? Who cares? I love you and that’s all that matters.
As soon as she was on the ground she hugged me as debilitating as she could and as usual, my fingers were sliding down her back again, reaching for her rumps. I slowly started kissing her neck, and she couldn’t resist screaming “not right here not in public”. Even so, while she was diligent in establishing a dialog I clutched her lips and locked them with a wild kiss. Now she couldn’t speak and all I could feel her in my mouth was “Mmmmm….not right here….. stopp.” I wish I could be at that moment for days, but she was getting tired so I eased down the grip, so she could breathe easily. Her lips turned blushed and her cheeks sprang to boast pink like glowing lava. Suddenly she held my hand as we started walking outside, and whispered: “let’s get out of this place”.
Yes, I replied and where we are heading now”? There was this devilish smile on her face, and she replied with enthusiasm “to the grocery store indeed”. As soon as, I opened the door of the vehicle she noticed those flowers I brought her. She had this twist in her mood smiling but complaining and what are these doing in here? You forgot them again to carry with you”?. “Oh, no,” I said, “They were here on purpose they always distract me when I am kissing you, I mean I don’t know how to keep them while I am kissing you I am sorry”. Smiling again, she replied, “you have got to control yourself I am here now.” “I am trying my best”, I responded before we almost entered the grocery store.
Buying groceries with her was so much fun. To contend for no reason at all for things that did not even matter. But it almost grew my habit to tantalize her a bit to get her angry on purpose. Most probably so I could kiss her right after that. Chocolate syrup on honey? She asked me intently, and I answered softly, “honey I guess, but we don’t need anything sweet now because you are here.”I knew I had made her smile again, but then she almost jumped on me and began kissing me like a wild animal. Not in public, you said, I taunted her a bit, and she paused kissing for a moment and responded, “no one is around”.

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