Schiphol Centrum-The Amsterdam

There is this effect on many as they grew up they carry dreams,enchanting,colorful sometimes weird yet fascinating.Highly esteemed emotions run past through your brain and you experience losing a memory and getting a new one just by now. Dreams those dreams when they come true they change the way you think,they change the way you feel and of coarse they change the way you love.


It had always been my foremost dream to witness the inexplicable beauty of Europe.To discover the history mesmerizing traditions since thousands of years and explore the land of beautiful people awarded and granted by nature so charming and unique that you want to breath in the purest air on the earth with the weather like no other and scent like no where else on this planet.Unfortunately I never got a visa,I tried,struggled,cried & begged over but never got one.Apparently never could understand the logic why.Never mind! my heart said but there lies the love for the place so strong and powerful.


People travel around the world for many reasons. Simply I travel to meet people,know and understand their culture,taste food and wine and get in love with that place. Its not just infrastructure which defines a place but more importantly the people ,their way of keeping that environment closer to nature.Places are gifted by nature either by geographical locations or by weather,food,sports,culture or surroundings. But what makes it beautiful and worth watching is the beautiful people living in that paradise utilizing the gift of nature adding beauty to the placing keeping it alive and charming. I discover people in places I visit,for their beauty defines the whole logic that place is blessed by nice weather,charming scenery,variety of food and most of all an adventure of exploring beauty within beauty.


So recently I happened to have a heavenly passing accross Schiphol Airport and trust me,it was amazingly beautiful.Screaming with joy for the very first time touching the ground of Amsterdam ,it was so exciting and beautiful that even covered in a thin shirt in the cold wind I was shivering joy with fascinating smile on my face. Oh dear beloved Amsterdam I am here,just close your eyes and kiss me,yes exactly like a pretty charming girl friend.And then I explored,experienced,loved and enjoyed the place I used to dream since my childhood.


While upon landing from the window of my plane I was witnessing heaven. Green grass spread all over as was watching through the clouds intently. Flawless patters of beautiful scenery on and above the ground. It was awesome.


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