Saudade -Tokyo


For everyone to understand what I am just about to describe is the ultimate love and belonging ,the passion and charm towards something I love so much.


There are few folks on our planet really lucky as they are gifted with guts to find girl friends that’s quick.But being a brown skin dude with a few extra pounds there ain’t no luck that’s going to work for me boy. People have passion for different things in life.Some love music ,some love sports and some movies.There are a million fantasies one should pick and practice the way it seems better.Many are wild in chasing they love best and mine is Traveling.


Girls these days are more effectively involved in all the fantasies ever created on earth and I have seen their powerful grip practically while traveling.Great travelers and story tellers.


Talking about girls there are billions of pretty faces from different races but I like the beauty and  innocence of Japanese girls.Intelligent as they may seem they wear a perfect smile with such an innocent face carrying calm and cool gestures. And the way they wonder when you tell them about things they don’t know about or if they find out all of a sudden.Either you crack a joke or ask them something serious ,they are either gentle and kind or hilarious and pretty.They are not oblivious to anything in any sense.


Although the subject today is not the girls in particular but I am just trying to explain just a part of what I really miss about Tokyo.From many wonderful things this fantasy is one of a kind. 


Walking down the streets of Tokyo is cool and pretty charming.Witnessing people carrying various moods on their faces from different shades of their lives. In Tokyo everything is calm and unique in its epic beauty. People are not loud ,they are humble and disciplined. Some really serious and few smiling with friends,hardly any giggles breaking the air. The most extravagant and colorful thing I adore is “The traditional Japanese dress”. Literally I love it….I love to watch girls wearing it as they look extremely beautiful wearing those.Its amazing. I miss that so very much.


There are festivals,colorful roads and vibrant colors to be seen all over the place. The trains stations to shopping malls and restaurants,everything is amazingly beautiful.
And yes I am in love with Japan and particularly missing Tokyo very much at this very moment. Its a beloved that would never get old and day by day the beauty of it will enlighten my soul ,not partly but all and whole.


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