Rolling Stones

Castles in my dreams, burnt alive in the mad max
Velvet roses beyond reach since the agony arrived
Extinctions of desires on the pavement of destiny
Had just extinguished every emotion that survived

Fury in my love only have stipulated pure passion
Pain deteriorated in my heart, had covertly thrived
Sweet sorrows under shadows of shattered rainbows
Recalling my memories, smashing everything inside

Fear of falling shades in the spirit of defying gravity
Had swindled my feelings through, slightly contrived
Imaginations my soul has precipitated over the years
Tears as rolling stones on my cheeks slowly devised

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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  1. 92hashim Reply

    Castles and gardens… no more… no place for emotions to express… except for the tears that are flowing … the weight as of stones…. pain described

    Some one beautiful has to pass by to extinguish the fire with her beauty… water the gardens with care so roses and butterflies return… to the area built on foundations of love… this will burn the pain and thier would be tears of joy… as petals on the cheek

    • Rana Reply

      Well ! It all depends, getting someone beautiful is the key and foremost thing to turn tears into petals. Thanks for reading

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