Rain Of Life

Shoot through my tears, and hurl them acidic
I hear of tormenting, my heart turns amazing
Rain of life in my mind, when I am with you
A curl having my soul , but that needs seducing

Like of a barren hope, the last to cover my life
Eyes without sight, but no one hears my cry
Drool covered chin fearful, mouth wide opened
Your cheeks linger a pity, just sprouting sweet joy

Sheets of rain pelting against scattered pieces of my heart
My sweetie tweaked doubting, lying on my bed unmoved
And that sugar blossom Of her glowing body and soul
Spinning soaked in to end only, slivers of ice that cracked

You are thinking about my dreams pondering in clouds
No one sees my tears, they are all shrouded by the rain
Now I may come and kiss you, inevitably as long as I can
Your worthy lips whole night, fluttered and tasted again

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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