On this Eid

On this Eid

On this Eid again there is Eid in Pakistan and my daughters are celebrating. I am still missing them but my love for them is as fresh as the blood runs in my veins.

Although I have written a complete book in their memory it always seems not enough to talk about them or to explain the agony what I feel about them all the time. The sorrows that I carry are huge and living without them is such a difficult life I never imagined. The name of the book I wrote is” Dear Darling Pearls”. The book is in paperback and Ebook formats and available online for purchase.


I have written many poems earlier as well in their memory ” Utaybah” and “Umaiza” respectively. Many others as well. I see through the window from the past how beautiful they are. I love them more than my life and I would always love them till I have my last breath. They are my everything.

Beneath the universe around this world, my heart counting stars
Marks upon moments in despair, dreams & emotions that I need

The lucky charms abandoned my play lands quite a while ago now
The profound nature of relationships pondering lust of greed

Till the hope is alive my dear daughters, my heart fights on and on
I am battling the sword of time, the stronger I get, the more I bleed

My wounded soul holds the memories of those halcyon days
As these years pass by, agonizing but to motivate my spirits to lead

I stand still with this belief to have you one day my dear daughters
My heart and soul, my prayers and blessings are with you on this Eid

Copyright© Rana M 2019 All rights reserved


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  1. Arshad warsi Reply

    Wowwwwwww,,,,, very nice poetry. I always read your poetry that amazing 😉.. keep it up 👍👍

    • Rana Reply

      Thank you very much for reading

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