Night without you

When you are there sweetie 
and I am here, my love
deep sadness overpowers me,
smashing  blanket of despair.

The times when I am here 
and you are there,
I always look for you
without  knowing why
despondency overpowers me
across vast caverns, empty air,
dreadful, wide expanse of space
A thousand light years to your face

And when we’re nowhere 
We share two bodies in one soul;
your light in dark by day goes dim
as stars do when bright dawn ascends
with morning dew and heated sun
absorbing every pore of you
into itself as ice and snow
with waters from high glaciers do.

When both our paths do intersect,
that point they cross becomes as one
in body, soul, nor be undone
by any force that Nature gives,
while in ourselves, where feelings run
too deep, too hard and everlasting.

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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