Never Stop Me

On a beautiful Sunday morning

snow is falling from heaven

and ……….

in that cold, very cold morning

you are standing besides me

My eyes are stagnant

My heart is burning

And trying to reach you

Out of all curiosity

It touches you and asks…..

Hold my hand firmly

Slowly and gently……!

Suddenly you look at me

Ravishing, dashing and stunning

and slowly whisper in my ears

Tell me what do you want…. ?

And I say…. Warmth of your lips

A hug from heaven

You smile a bit……..

and hug me firmly

kissing me dearly…..

leaving me shivering

with every bit of energy

I feel those beautifully designed lips

And I grip them tightly

to an unending journey

I close my eyes then

and want it more and more

And knowingly you allow me

To explore you……

Further and deeper…….

Of course till the end

And never stop me ever ….

Never stop me dreaming

kissing you, loving you

and yearning you……

© Rana M All Rights Reserved

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