Mysterious Love

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The popular terms of love are always invisible. Mostly lovers do pretend they love and when they gain a sense to predict such a feeling, nature says “its too late buddy”. Yes there is not any comparison between rational and irrational lovers but still there’s some mythic nature involved which is holding emotions and feelings of the people who use to fall in love.

True love is something that can happen no matter the circumstances of the situation. Whether you are a poor beggar boy chasing after the heart of a princess, a chivalrous and courageous Knight immensely in love with the queen that you’ve vowed protection to, or whether your families are hated enemies of one another, it’s possible for love to take root and blossom. It is the dream that love, although forbidden or seemly impossible, with great sacrifice is achievable.

If Girls in particular are famous to be pretending love ‘huh’ why is that? It’s a rhetorical question yet is difficult to be concluded. “Who is to comprehend the Mysteries of love?” love is a mysterious entity and no one is immune to it, no one can tell who they fall in love with because love pops up in mysteries ways. This aspect of love relates to romance by the way of falling in love when you least expected it to happen which is romantic. Personification gives a feeling love a human characteristic” It pounces on the most unsuspecting prey”, “It comes on slowly” and this is how love works.

Learning mysteries in love is just a phenomenon which is just related to real life and all that happens in love. Though its difficult to understand the true state of love as you have to deal with a breathing heart of a girl plus all emotions and feelings in her brain like wise what she likes the most and what she hates the most. No one could really be able to define a woman’s love. It is a mystery and the only person who knows it is “she” herself.   

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