Love you Utaybah & Umaiza


“Love you Utaybah & Umaiza” is a poem written deeply in the memory of my beautiful daughters. I miss them a lot every single day. I go through their old pictures and videos and that always bring tears to my eyes. 


Although I have written a complete book in their memory it always seems not enough to talk about them or to explain the agony what I feel about them all the time. The sorrows that I carry are huge and living without them is such a difficult life I never imagined. The name of the book I wrote is ” Dear Darling Pearls” . The book is in paperback and Ebook formats and available online for purchase.


I have written many poems earlier as well in their memory ” Utaybah”and “Umaiza” respectively. Many others as well. I see through the window from the past how beautiful they are. I love them more than my life and I would always love them till I have my last breath. They are my everything.




Love you Utaybah & Umaiza
Written by Rana M


If the sun did not shine what difference could it make
what had to be done even the moon didn’t have light

Whenever I see the center of my heart I only see you
Stars can’t shine more than you they aren’t that bright

I feel you every day that I live and every night that I got
You’re always in my heart, talking to my soul in my sight

Remember kiddos even if you can’t find me in this world
I die everyday to live again with you caught up in the fight

Wish you were given a chance to chose to have your father
I love you Utaybah & Umaiza merely breathing in this plight


© Rana M   23  February 2019   All Rights Reserved 



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