Love is a fizgig?

Millions of definitions yet Love is a phenomenon that finds various topics with unending details but hardly ever someone had claimed to explain it completely.


A word, a feeling , an emotion or a relationship, a gesture, food of the soul or an opinion, an orientation, a formula, a lifestyle or gig to impress others. A reality, a discussion, deeper truth, gift of nature an invitation to passion. It is not about reasons but the gravity of the emotions when you have love or you in love, you do love or whatever the possible term is but one thing I know for sure is that Love is the most powerful feeling on earth and there has not been any other emotion of feeling greater than this ever discovered or experienced by mankind till now.

Why I would say that Love is a fizgig? The answer is that in reality love is a powerful sentiment that ignites all your energies visible or invisible and brings out a raging fire that turn the wheels of passion and gives you the pleasure which is the most delightful and most expensive and rare on this planet. Yet for many it turns out to be not more than a firecracker as the intentions of the lover could have been so feeble or the ultimate glory requested was not real love. 

By all means Love is fire sometimes , raging fire in passion perhaps or fireball of desires, glory of delights or firing power of pleasure. Love can be anything you wish for and sometimes can be a fizgig.

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