Love Does Exist


And if I insist that love does exist 
She vows “no” and would start to cry
Haggles to prove her illogical theory 
To society’s norms she would go by
Only nature is the love ,she believes
Rest is the dry land , she would imply
Let me tell you my sweet dove 
Music in your heart never dies 
Lyrics alter in time’s demeanor
But the melodies always apprise
Like the ocean’s depth is inevitable
And bare reflections in your eyes 
Like the earth itself & as that is life
Love has its lows and has its highs
Love never fades away ,it never does
better you believe sooner you recognize
You never knew yet I always loved you
Call it rude but I would never apologize 

Written by Rana M
© 2005-2018 Rana M  All Rights Reserved

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