Loop of Shadows

Everlasting emotions residing in my dreams
Swindled and perplexed by loop of shadows
Every bit of life, I might possess in my soul
Exaggerated my passion by the rainbows
The rain drops somehow dodgy but fussy
Cooch dance by breeze that blends & blows
The frantic yet romantic library of thoughts
Certainly kept me alive in the highs & lows 
A breath of her scent, a delight or a treasure
Glorious in remedy, the love grows & glows

Written by Rana M
© 2005-2018 Rana M  All Rights Reserved

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  1. ELLE Reply

    I like the imagery of the rain drops having a life of their own, dodging and making their own choices. I’m a sucker for personification. Well done! And thank you for your support for my scholarship vote in my last article! https://elleguyence.wordpress.com/2018/03/02/please-vote-im-a-scholarship-finalist/

    • Rana Reply

      You are welcome Elle, I respect people with talent

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