Little this and Little that

It is a poem pertaining to what happens in love. A poem about a heartbroken cry which screams for love. The pain in love is felt and observed. My book The Perfect Betrayal explains it all. It can also be found in poems, poems about love, poems about cheating or in poetry.


Little this and Little that
Written by Rana M


Little this and little that, lots of chatter but there‘s no love
The sound of my heart harder than the screams of a dove

When the emotions suck their last breath right above
Passion in the ring of fire like a push has come to shove

Wish I could fly like a bird just away from loneliness
Searching for a lonely town, where a broken heart stays

Edge of life cutting deeper by sharp blades of time
Nights wearing horns of sorrows following shady days

Fragile & stubborn in the name of terribly sweet misery
Pretentious stories deeper in depth and volume always

© Rana M  2019  All Rights Reserved


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