Let the tears fall

“Let the tears fall” is another poem written deeply in the memory of my beautiful daughters. I miss them a lot every single day. I go through their old pictures and videos and that always bring tears to my eyes. 


Although I have written a complete book in their memory it always seems not enough to talk about them or to explain the agony what I feel about them all the time. The sorrows that I carry are huge and living without them is such a difficult life I never imagined. The name of the book I wrote is Dear Darling Pearls. The book is in paperback and E book formats and available online for purchase.

I have written many poems earlier as well in their memory ” Utaybah”and “Umaiza” respectively. Many others as well. I see through the window from the past how beautiful they are. I love them more than my life and I would always love them till I have my last breath. They had been , they are and they will be my everything.



Let the tears fall
Written by Rana M

Every time piece of the nearest past shrug me with a sigh
Part of me being dragged into a painful agony lost in tears

My soul gnawed upon relentlessly by some demon like humans
Deprivation of life while being alive is the sum of all fears

I miss your giggles and laughs oh dear darling daughters
An inexplicable pain in my dying heart rises and appears

Emotions that cry rivers to the depth of my captivating sorrows
My soul bleeds to the wounds Of arrows and spears

Oh remnants of the last memory do not stop, let my tears fall
We share sorrows, the distress is not so different mine or theirs

© Rana M    18 February 2019   All Rights Reserved 

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