Kuala Lumpur- City of Dreams

There are some places where you live in your memories. The things that always remind you of your past ,old friends ,activities and much more. Kuala Lumpur is one of those cities where dreamers begin to dream and learn to live in those dreams. Kuala Lumpur was the first city I lived outside my home and therefore I have a special affection and love for this place.


I was quite young when I boarded my first ever flight. I was nervous a bit. Yet curious and cautious to understand the behavior of people from around the world. Habits ,language and adopting a new environment were the primary concerns. I had a layover in Bangkok. I saw Thai girls for the first time ever in my life.  When I landed in Kuala Lumpur I had to board a train to reach the main terminal. Quite formal interview by the Immigration officers and then I was in the main lobby. Didn’t have any acquaintances but I as being a Student I had all the tools in my head to learn,explore and get used to of a beautiful city I just landed. Went to the information desk and hired a Mercedes Benz as the Taxi to Kuala Lumpur city.Kuala Lumpur is a paradise for those who love pouring rain drops from the sky ,green meadows and refreshing air to breath. I was being amused by so tacky views outside the window where rain drops were gathering in rhythm for me to write a poem so beautiful that angels from heaven should fall and show me mesmerizing beauty of nature. Finally I reached Kuala Lumpur. For a person who travels for the first time ever and reaches a city like Kuala Lumpur its a pretty different and unique feeling which cannot be described in words. You have to be there with open eyes to witness it and enjoy it. I dropped my bags at the Hotel and soon I was heading towards a restaurant.


The food there is amazing. You will find numerous restaurants with plenty of dishes and choices. For foodies its a paradise. You will find all type of restaurants in there with almost everything you can imagine having at your lunch or dinner table. Tea and Milo ice are those drinks which are very common in Kuala Lumpur. My favorite breakfast was ” Roti Talor” ( A bread made with eggs -served with curry). Rice is the main ingredient in addition to any other dish you want to add.  My other favorite was ” Nasi Kandar” and “Nasi Goreng” ( Friend Rice) especially when they are spicy. Other than food the most interesting thing about it is the night life. Very entertaining and colorful. Bangsar to Bukit Bintang ,its just amazing. There are so many attractions parks ,resorts ,markets ,malls and shopping areas where you can enjoy most of your time. And most of all the great KLCC Patronas Towers. Center Market ,Mid valley , Petaling Jaya,Ampang,KL central ,Brickfields ,Sunway,Cheras and Dataran Merdeka are my favorite places.

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Kuala Lumpur is a city of dreams. I started studying there and took a course “Diploma in Business Administration (ABE program from UK) ” . My college was just great. I wrote a poem on my college and they actually published on their website and the notice board. I was also asked to write on the great “Mahathir Mohamad” when he was retiring by my college but I was so unlucky that I got sick and could not complete the project. I really feel myself unlucky that I missed the opportunity to write something on a great personality of all times. I later wrote a poem on Malaysia and was much appreciated by college friends. I got some every green and fabulous friends from Kuala Lumpur naming ” Asif ” and “Jalil”. Both are great friends and keen advisors. With Asif used to go to Bangsar mostly but there was a guy named Shahid Butt ,an ultimate dance freak when he used to be in a club.We were mostly late at night after clubbing and partying and the Hostel gates were shut and we would always request the security to open the gate but they would never do that and we had to wait till sunrise to enter into the building.It was fun though. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to have a girl friend while in Kuala Lumpur yet all my friends did. So sad… hehehe but I really enjoyed my time there even without a girl friend.

I did have a recent visit to the city last year and I revisited Kuala Lumpur after more than ten years. I was pretty emotional this time and watched the city with my teary eyes, the tears of joy. I was happy that I actually was so intrigued to have been given the opportunity by nature to revisit the city and capture the memories where I started dreaming once and which was the city of my dreams. There were a lot of changes I observed since I was studying and now but one thing that was unchanged was the my love for it ,my devotion and my affection for Kuala Lumpur. Its infinite and forever.
Its a place where you want to be to create imaginations ,to conquer your goals ,to learn the innovative approach towards life and many more things. There are memories and there are stories to be told and they are so many. I wish I would have time in near future to write and share with you guys ….. 

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