Katia D’Avanzo- The Legend

Agent of FIGC-FIFA footballers since March 2007- right of work and social security, right of sport and stadiums. Legend from Milan.

professional and successful

How many of us know professional and successful women around. Who are both talented and beautiful?. Well! Not many I presume. The whole idea behind the individuality of a successful approach is the recognition of people. Who are charming, wonderful and amazing. Not everyone possesses the ideology of professionalism. Therefore not everyone can be a legend. Katia D’Avazo surely is a legend born with incredible skills. Who not only is handling one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Hence she also is setting examples of motivational success for the people who follow her personality and praise her beauty.


I have had met fabulous people in my life, educated, motivated and successful people. And have always learned a lot from them. I had shared workstations with people with phenomenal qualities and abilities. And I still see them performing. And helping industries thriving grow and glow. She is one of the most gorgeous and charming professional work wing omens I have ever seen.


fabulous personality

Katia D’Avazo personifies a fabulous personality with excellent skills. And carries a charming smile on her face at all times. Running various errands working for her projects. She manages meetings, programs, details, events. And organizing everything related to sport and football. Katia is a dedicated professional to finish tasks with accuracy and dedication.

Such people are assets to the community. And I respect and appreciate such people as they are always motivated. And always help you learn from them. As well as they are the best people to talk to when you need help.

The best of the things I like about her is the innocence she carries. Towards the behavior at work and in real life. The expressions feature into the masterclass of the diversity towards professionalism. She is humble, calm and resolute towards her work. And that makes her one of those friends you can be proud of.

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