In Love with Japan

In love with Japan

In love with Japan is my first travel book. Sometimes people have strange questions. But to answer them gently you must answer them in a productive and creative manner. These days writers are not appreciated the way they were used to be. Perhaps the ideology behind explaining beautiful destinations has gone more commercial.

People just pick things which seem beneficial to them. Although the rapid growth in technology has eased things up for people. To know about a place before they plan to visit. Yet the actual flair is to be there to enjoy and feel the atmosphere. I am sure no YouTube video or blog or a Vlog can take you there. You can visualize it by seeing videos of the place but always remember. Someone cannot feel it if you cannot experience it yourself. You have to feel the vibe, run across the streets. Wander into the gardens, jump into the lake or perhaps ride a roller coaster. To absorb the energy of that particular place. And feel the air into your veins to explore and enjoy. The beautiful place God has designed for us.

To all the lovers of the earth and who wish to explore treasures in the cities and learn about different cultures. To all those who believe in the magic of traveling, also to those who can sing and understand the melodies of a loving heart who loves to Travel and to all those who need a motivation to start a journey towards the most beautiful places on earth.

The greatest depth of the ideology to travel is not necessarily to be written in the books, the vibe to travel and explore is a sentiment which is being practiced since centuries. The only difference is that we are more sophisticated and advanced in exploring, learning and enjoying with comfort which is much easier than ever before. Passion is the only thing that energizes your body and soul and those who have a passion for traveling are the most cutest people on earth.

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  1. Bilal Reply

    Mr Rana great job.

    • Rana Reply

      Thanks a lot. Please order and read this book

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