Istanbul – The living beauty

There is always a definition to a limit on every single thing created on this earth including beauty. Well Istanbul has been well served with utmost all heights of beauty in all aspects of visualization. 

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Its majestic and even prettier than many other prominent things you can consider of having said “the most beautiful on earth”. Let me explain why its so beautiful and why I fell in love with the city. Its the love at first sight.

There is always a deep imagination of thoughts involved when you travel and there are plenty of things striking your mind while you are traveling. Even when you are in the plane filling out forms for the airport ahead or even having yourself cosy with glass of wine in mid air. Now coming back to the point ,when I landed in Istanbul it was an evening with skies pouring rain drops from heaven. Outside temperature was around 13°C and I had my jacket on.First things first ! And that was to find some coffee and I had it pretty much in the Turkish style. Served with great hospitality. The taxi driver was so much fun as the hotel I booked was so hard for him to find that he actually drove me to half of Istanbul wandering from one street to the other.It was raining heavily and for my amusement there was radio on playing Turkish music and the car was warm enough to enjoy the weather outside. It was lovely because its one of my favorites.

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Next morning was a day to explore the ultimate beauty starting from my first step outside of the hotel to an unending land of gorgeous surroundings. You don’t really have to search for food there because its “Everywhere” and one of the best in the world. Delicate cuisines with numerous recipes and much more. And then from Blue mosque to Bosphorus bridge there is a chain of unending beauty equipped with extra ordinary touch of nature. The people there are beautiful ,hospitable, friendly and down to earth.You don’t really ask much from people about whereabouts  because as soon as you open your eyes and breath the fresh air in that city you feel like floating on a magic carpet slowly moving in the air and fresh breeze rushing your lungs with eyes to witness endless beauty spread everywhere from streets to the walls ,from east to the west , from Europe to Asia , from earth to the sky and most of all from people to birds.Everything else is beautiful there. I mean everything. You actually breath the beauty there its even in the air. Fantastic to watch ,its inexplicable.
The fun part was my travel partner and friend “Bilal” He helped me taking pictures ,accompanied me in the ferries and also walked around the city with me through the streets ,trains and buses.

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When you travel you meet a lot of people and I actually am fond of making friends. There are a few reasons why my trip to Istanbul would always be remembered is because I made a few friends on this trip naming “Mr. Bashir” (Flight attendant at the flight I boarded) they guy was so hospitable and friendly. The most memorable part in the journey was that I actually got some useful tips from him on food in Istanbul.Out of my curiosity ,surprisingly when I was boarding a flight back home as soon as I entered the plane I saw him smiling and saying “Hey bro ! Good to see you again”.And “Mr. Mesut ozcan” the guy has a great sense of humor ,took me around the parts of the city only a local can take you and you explore the attributes of the heritage and hear the oldest tales in a best way possible. Favorite places in the city are Eyub,Sultan Ahmed,Hegia Sophia, Blue mosque,Suleymania and Gelata Bridge.Though each and every sight is mesmerizing and refreshing you would find yourself walking in the streets of heaven. Istanbul is a living beauty ,a gorgeous place with a natural look that carries both ancient and modern art ,culture and atmosphere. I have seen the prettiest faces on earth in there and I believe no matter how deep I describe it how long I explain it I would always run short of words. Istanbul is the city to explore not only for its endless beauty but for its culture,charisma,state of the art architecture ,fabulous food and extra ordinarily beautiful people. Everything in Istanbul is amazing. The number of days I stayed in Istanbul were the best days of my life ever. Its city you breath in and the heights of its glory are beyond imaginations.

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I love Istanbul for everything it has ,for all the prettiest things it carries and most of all the fascination it provides to your soul when you breath in there. Istanbul is my beloved forever and ever………

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  1. karina leon Reply

    so beautiful pictures and comments… How rich in images and words. lovely to see, and to read and of course to share !

    • Rana Reply

      Thanks Karina,
      Yup! Indeed ,I’m in love with the place. Beautiful isn’t it ?

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