In this moment | Live in the present | Live in the now | To be present

In this moment

Live in the present

In this moment | Live in the present | Live in the now | To be present

Many of us believe life is just a thing to do on this planet. The ideology and theory of how this universe was created, and what is our role in it, is still a subject of interest. Love, hatred, goals, or duties everything has scattered over our lives. Either we are running for freedom, or it is running us in various dimensions. The power of the moment is to live in the present. Yet living at present has become dangerously tricky for most of us. To understand the purpose of life and the metaphor of our existence, we have to exist in the present. No one has ever accomplished changing the past, and no one can predict the future. Our happiness, joys, giggles, delights, and desires all lie in the present. Being inspired by the current situation is the key to learn from your past. And to win your dreams of the future.


We are in the process of learning, continuously to this day since the beginning of times. And more we indulge in; our curiosity makes us discover and investigate more profoundly than ever. The ornaments of our discoveries, accumulations, and control are still attached to our vulnerability and fear. The more positive we are to this universe, the more positivity it offers back to us. The idealism of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions concerned with our souls has a direct impact on our lives.

Continuous Learning

The current world we live in is callous at its core. Many of us are busy chasing our dreams. We suffer, we hurt, and we even get angry. But what is it that pulls us together for natural disasters and climate change?. Is it our instinct? No, it is not. It is the result of our continuous learning of this planet’s treasures and tales. The more we explore, the more we learn, and the more we learn, the more we deliver. The power in the now lies in the efforts and energies we share with this purpose. Time is the medium of continuous learning, and it involves us in it one way or the other. For every success, we count to every achievement we desire. It all starts at learning, and the education awards us the glory of such delights.

Time is of the essence

To the laws of nature are more mysterious than ever, there are things on this planet that require immediate attention. For instance, the problem of global warming is rising pretty fast, but how prepared is humankind for it. To live in the present is the fundamental principle to understand the purpose of life. We have rights and obligations to the society we live in, on the planet we live in and among the people we live in. Time controls us in every aspect of the way. Rules bind us, and we cannot go beyond certain limits. Imagine how difficult it has become. To live at your present while all your stakes are in the past or hover in the future. To live in this moment is actually to live in the present. In order to understand life, we must be here now, to be present making this life wonderful.

Positivity for a change

A solution to a million prepositions perhaps. The only thing you can learn from others is the amount of patience you offer. If you answer difficult questions of selfish people on earth by positivity, then you are influencing towards a change. Use positivity as an opportunity to experiment with your instincts for your problems. When we are sad or depressed, we relate it to events in the past. And when we apt due to a particular source of pleasure, we anticipate in the future. In both cases, we can never change our history if we plunge in depths of depression. There’s nothing that we can improve. Also, we cannot change the course of nature to manipulate the future. The only thing we can do is to prevail in the power of positivity and use it to change our lives.

To live in this moment is actually to live in the present. In order to understand life, we must be here now, to be present making this life wonderful. Enjoying life at full pace is to live in this moment.

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