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In the name of love


In the name of Love is a beautiful poem. I have expressed emotions and feelings. Then I emphasized on kiss love and romantic notions. Making love and illusions are also discussed. Liar and lovers and their imperfections. Emotions and freedoms are different than emotions and feelings.

In the name of Love
Written by Rana M


The heat of the cunning wave that burns down emotions
Melting snow from the leaves bring along a few freedoms

In a dirty, cruel and crooked world that we live in today
People have toys like love, kisses, and romantic notions

Immaculate feelings overpower perceptions in greater depth
Liars posing as lovers play games behind their imperfections

Kisses, hugs and to the greater art of making love
Lunatics use bodies to erupt their dirt in many illusions

In the name of love, lying & cheating is just another sport
In all the chapters of love today, lusts run in infatuations 

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