If I told you


And what if I told you
That you run in my blood
As an ultimate desire
Glowing and passionately
The sun doth move until
Your beautiful eyes blink
Curly shiny hair on your shoulders
Reveal glories of eternal bliss

But what if I also reveal
That your silky skin encourages
My passionate desires to rise
And your fragrance
Take me to another world
Beyond horizons above all
The man could have not reached

But what if I utter a bit more
And gleam the treasures you carry
Would you charm me with
Thy juicy lips with closed eyes
Would you ?
Let me touch your body
And romance it all and complete

The beams of passion speak out
By the warmth of your breath
I seriously crave to plunge in
The depth of your beauty

Written by Rana M
© 2005-2018 Rana M  All Rights Reserved

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