If I had love

If I had Love
Written by Rana M

What if I had love, what a beautiful world it would be
Evolving in the glory of love, I could have found me

I would have kissed you dearly,  only if you agree
Indulge in me, hug me, kiss me & set my soul free 

Ratiocinate love by wits of desires to what they see 
You are a gorgeous mermaid in my boundless sea 

Delights throbbed in passion on such a loving spree
As if you are mine, only mine, as if you belong to me

Unlock your treasures, shy romance to tickle as a key
Burn my emotions with your fire, I yearn to yearn thee

¬© Rana M  2019  All Rights Reserved

¬© Rana M  2019  All Rights Reserved

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