I never mattered

“I never mattered” is a poem I have written about the feelings and emotions. Many of us are heart broken. I believe that I had been deprived of many things in life especially love and that is why I say “I never really mattered”.


It is like many of my other romantic poems. I have tried to explain and express my deepest feelings about love, life and romance. The more I go deeper the more I get emotional. And the more I then write about the fundamentals and basics of love, feelings and emotions.



It is one of those poems where I have plunged deeper inside my heart. And visualized how beautiful my beloved is and what attributes I can explain and to what level.

You can go searching poems about life or poems about love and romance. You can even go further to find out more on over the web for quality content and beautiful poems.

My poems are essence of my poesy. like you can read Magic Fall which is my latest poem. And further you can read my books to know more what I write. Namely the book The Perfect Betrayal can be a good read.

The course of love is not easier, many fail in the process and many have different opinions about love and life but more you indulge in, the more you dive deeper into the melody of love. Amazingly wonderful and sensational emotions add more value to life and bring passion and thrill to your mood.




I never mattered
Written by Rana M

The love I was known on earth or the dreams I remember
In this life or the other, my demands and desires scattered 

From the pages of the book of love to the realities beneath
Lost memories of the worthy emotions that were shattered

Stagnant wishes from the pond of betrayal wet in cold blood
Desires took their last breath as my soul was slaughtered

Yellow green red or blue, if love could wear any color at all
Heart still was color blind in the heap of emotions gathered

Flinging notions still inadequate in this cunning battle
Sad but true I knew it all along, I never really mattered

© Rana M    19  February 2019   All Rights Reserved 


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