I kept loving

I kept loving even when I was betrayed, broken, tortured and my soul was gnawed upon. I kept loving even my heart was falling and knew that all the romance was a lie and her betrayal was permanent. However, the elaborative illustration has been given in my book The perfect betrayal. Love is the most complicated emotion, only those understand who really fall in it. Passion is key in all relationships and perhaps it is something that keeps you alive. Keep loving in this worthless time and keep inspiring.

I kept loving is one of those poems where I have plunged deeper inside my heart. And visualized how beautiful my beloved is and what attributes I can explain and to what level.

My poems are the essence of my poesy. Like you can read Magic Fall which is my latest poem. And further you can read my books to know more about what I write. I kept loving is one of the poems where I have explained my emotions widely open.

The course of love is not easier, many fail in the process and many have different opinions about love and life but the more you indulge in, the more you dive deeper into the melody of love. Amazingly wonderful and sensational emotions add more value to life and bring passion and thrill to your mood.

I kept loving

By Rana M 

Fingers are smoked counting stars to this day
And the soul gnawed upon, but I am still living

Ruthless yet ardent expression of the beloved
Tell the world exactly; you do not feel like giving

Hunting rugged hallmarks of a distinct passion
Geared up emotions to a spell of flagrant kissing

Tortured, betrayed & broken by the worthless time
No love gained the mischievous love was nothing

Perceiving all her lies and deliberate unfaithfulness
While the heart endured falling, but I just kept loving

Copyright© Rana M 2019 All rights reserved

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