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Her Beauty

Her Beauty


The fluffy cheeks I want to squeeze
are close and reachable

She blushes when she gazes at me
her expressions are fascinating


Silky hair residing on her shoulders
like grass sets on the ocean floor

Gestures of her lips carry treasures
mature but ostensibly anticipating

My heart yearns to hold her in my arms
while the earth stands still

kisses that she unfolds are mysteries
of passion, thrilling yet ravishing


A beautiful soul inevitably resides
in her fabulously smooth & flawless body

Hallmarks of her beauty engaging me in love
with her notions boldly contemplating


© Rana M  01 September 2020 All rights reserved


“Indulge in the ethereal allure of “Her Beauty,” a beautiful poem that pays homage to the mesmerizing charm of a charming girl. Delve into the enchanting verses that encapsulate the indescribable radiance and grace, celebrating the captivating essence of her beauty.”

It is an ethereal symphony, a melody that transcends the ordinary and transports the beholder to a realm of enchantment. In the poetic masterpiece “Her Beauty,” every line is an ode to the captivating allure of an extraordinary girl. The words dance upon the page, weaving a tapestry of imagery that captures the essence of her radiance.

The poem begins with a gentle whisper, invoking admiration and awe. It portrays her beauty as a divine force, a shimmering star that illuminates the darkest corners of the universe. Like a delicate flower blooming amidst a sea of green, her presence commands attention and fills the hearts of all who gaze upon her with a sense of wonder.
Verse after verse, “Her Beauty,” delves deeper into the intricacies of her charm. It explores the contours of her face, where every curve and line tells a story of timeless elegance. Like pools of infinite depth, her eyes hold secrets and mysteries that invite exploration. Her radiant sunbeam smile has the power to melt hearts and uplift spirits.

The poem ventures beyond the physical realm and delves into the intangible aspects of her beauty. It speaks of her inner glow, the kind-heartedness that emanates from within. Her beauty is not merely skin deep; it reflects the purity and compassion in her soul. It is how she nurtures others with her gentle touch and illuminates the world with her infectious laughter.

As the verses unfold, It celebrate uniqueness. It highlights that her beauty is not confined to societal standards or trends but reflects her individuality. It is the way she embraces her flaws and imperfections, transforming them into badges of strength and resilience. Her beauty shines as a beacon of authenticity and self-acceptance in a world that often seeks conformity.

The poem’s concluding line, “Her Beauty,” invites readers to appreciate and cherish the beauty surrounding them. It serves as a reminder that beauty exists in countless forms and can be found in the simplest moments. Whether it is the soft glow of dawn or the laughter of a loved one, beauty reveals itself in myriad ways, captivating our senses and touching our souls.

It is a poetic tribute to a gorgeous girl’s enduring power and allure. Through its verses, it seeks to capture the essence of her radiance, inviting the reader to marvel at the delicate tapestry of her charm. With its lyrical grace and evocative imagery, this poem resonates with anyone captivated by the profound magic of true beauty.


© Rana M  01 September 2020 All rights reserved

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