The Halcyon days

The Halcyon Days

The whole concept of spiritual attunement is being dazzled by an adequate life everyone hopes for. Some get it along with and some live in the past, as to them the perfect lining of silk roads of your dreams lies in there. The moment you look back you infiltrate into another world, full of memories, giggles, and laughs. Many people ought to have this phase differently in the passage of their lives but well! mine is “NPS- The School“. The Halcyon days that carried me through always. I miss the old school days, school fellows, school life, school time and most of all I miss my childhood. I miss the halcyon days.

Halcyon Days | School life | School fellows | Childhood | School days


 From left to right Takassur Ahsan, Shahrukh Suleiman, Ms.Shakila, Me, Rana Zaheer & Yasser Ahsan.

The Ideology

People paint memories at various places, speaking of which some at the canvas, at songs as in music, at movies as in entertainment, at the Job as work, at home as in a family or at the beach as being alone. Above and beyond memories run in every piece of property we have in real life or each dream we create in the spiritual world. Few of us get lucky and get themselves involved in velvety luxurious happy and unending metaphor of a perfect life. A beautiful wife, kids, a big house, etc. The rest are those who have to live to breathe,survive and to see the others enjoying their lives. We complain stock exchanges to collapse or relationships to grow sour but one way or the other either we are making memories or living on the previous ones. Its either invention or repairs untutored. 

Memories as Assets

I am unable to explain what women may think of this but I am sure that people who take time from their lives and think about the best days of their lives they still find a way to cheer themselves by remembering the moments they had of laughter when they caught up in a bad situation. I must mention that at the present time people don’t live to live a life, they live in this world either to please others or compete with others. There is no such thing as “ideal”. The concept practically has lost its importance in the overwhelming increase of speed in technology and growing developments. People have become digital. Organic food is selective and more expansive than regular, sooner or later it is going to be obsolete. People are growing in development but have lost much which could have left in humanity ordeal.No matter how hard you bang your head through the wall, no one’s gonna care. No one does. The popular term today is “move on”. So let us move on talk about some recollections I had back in school. I call em my Halcyon Days. To be honest I miss the old school days, school fellows, school time, school life and most of all I miss my childhood. And as a matter of fact, I miss the halcyon days.

Halcyon Days | School life | School fellows | Childhood | School days

From left to right Me, Shahrukh Suleiman and the cute Irfan hameed.

The School – NPS

Think of an old town very traditional and rational people. Most people from a middle-class background and those rich were considered prominent in every aspect to aspire, withholding benefits with rural system not so hard to understand. The government school system was pretty ordinary and it was really hard for people who were rich for better schooling of their kids or those who always dreamed their kids could have a better future if there could have been a better school in town. And here you go there happened to be a charismatic old man pretty famous in the Education industry with phenomenal skills of creating schools, finding talent and making people famous. He came with a plan and started a school that town never could have imagined. We were to witness in the antecedent. A brand new school, gifted teachers, fabulous interior and most of all “A stunning uniform design” which at that particular moment no one had, not even in private schools which were a few at that time. Everything was fantastic. I used  to enter the school earlier than most and I still remember getting into the class to drop the backpack and rushing towards the ground for morning drill which included national anthem and a melodious poem   ( Urdu -Lab pe ati hay duaa ban ke tamanna meri) I used to sing along with two other choir girls Hina & Sonia. Yeah, folks I still remember their names and Hina for her smile and Sonia for her curly hair. Pardon me but at that moment the brains were clean and pure and no one ever thought anything to be dirty or absurd. It was heaven just heaven. The old school days, school fellows, school life, school time and most of all I miss my childhood. 

Halcyon Days | School life | School fellows | Childhood | School days

At the very right ” The great Sir Nazir Ahmed – The founder of many schools one of which I studied”

The Teachers

This is my preferred part of this distinct project I am writing as the first badge of teachers in the early stage of my life when I was just beginning to learn, was remarkable. I was a common guy and most plausibly most of all the students. Because the school was designed to teach the kids of all the wealthy people residing in that town.Especially judges, lawyers, Industrialists, politicians, and businessmen you name it. I had to go through an admission test/audition to qualify my capabilities to fit into a system designed for rich people only. I say this because I was the only one or the first one to be auditioned as such. And from the moment I entered the premises, I found those teachers supportive, loving and caring. I still remember Ms.Shehzadi (My first English teacher) sneaking through the window witnessing me being auditioned and analyzed. After I was done she came to me and asked my name and asked which class I would be joining into. I smiled and I told her your class indeed. I got the admission and believe you me straight to her class. Then I got great teachers, later on, I would write here all the names yet there are a few I love them from the heart and respect them more than anything in this world. Old school days, school fellows, school life, school time and most of all I miss my childhood

Halcyon Days | School life | School fellows | Childhood | School days

From Left to right Ms.Maliha,Ms.Jamila,Ms.Ejaz Fatima,Ms.Farhana,Ms.Zahida,Ms.Shakila,Ms.Shehzadi & Ms.Naila

GullRukh and Shahrukh Suleiman

gull rukh

From many things to remember GullRukh and Shahrukh Suleiman are among those classmates, I cannot forget. Brother and sister in the same class where Shahrukh Suleiman was naughty enough to read but GullRukh Suleiman was my competition. She was always ahead in the homework as she was so neat and clean. I used to stand first in class. We had always fought over Golden stars from the teachers. All the teachers supported her because she was a girl yet they loved me as well. I had the opportunity to meet their family and still remember them as one of the best people I have ever met. Shahrukh Suleiman is a Civil engineer now while GullRukh is married and is a housewife.

Shoaib Khokhar

shoaib khokhar

One of my best friends. Cool, calm and cute are the attributes he used to carry. He was our Junior in school yet used to be the best in friends. Always invited us to his home for lunch or dinner. One of the richest boy in town. Shy as he might seem he was one of the most decent lads at school. No doubts he’s a businessman now having cute kids and happy family. May God Bless him. Old school days, school fellows, school life, school time and most of all I miss my childhood


Yasser Ahsan

Halcyon Days | School life | School fellows | Childhood | School days

One of my best friends. Actually, he was one of the closest friends at school. I sometimes used to live for days at his home. Wonderful family, he’s got I always thought I was part of the family as the love and support they always provided. He was a good cricketer and a nice friend. Yasser Ahsan is a Software Engineer and living with his cute kids happily. In school, he was the one whose lunchbox I had shared the most hehe. We used to organize school plays and functions where he used to assist me where I was the Director of such events. It was fun all the way in school and I still remember every bit of it.


Missing the old school days, school fellows, school time, school life and most of all I miss my childhood. Missing the halcyon days.

Those folks from school who are missing in this blog I can add their details provided if I am able to reconnect with them and if they provide me some photos from their albums.

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